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Global trading and manufacturing corporation
Commodities and alloying materials trader for ferrous metallurgy

R&D dedicated to innovations in metallurgical industry

Manufacturer of complex steel deoxidizers
on Russian, European, Asian and CIS markets
100 000
of commodities supplied annually
all over the world
for our clients
Financial services
Commodity credit
Flexible inner logistics and warehousing (12 warehousing facilities located across Russia)
Fast international shipment
Expert support
Development of deoxidation technologies for converter and electric-arc steelmaking production
The key factor to distinguish our company from others is our specialists
The corporation devotes considerable attention to have real manufacturing experience at the leading Russian metallurgical enterprises.
We understand the product, its application and the nuances. We instantly respond to customer requirements and new challenges. We not only select the right product, but also manufacture equipment to automate its use.
Official Representative
of Ferroalloy Manufacturers
YDD Corporation
Karaganda Ferroalloy Plant is one of leading ferrosilicon producer. The production capacity is 180 thousand tons of high-quality products per year, in the future the capacity of the plant will increase to 240 thousand tons per year.
"Taraz Metallurgical Plant" LLP
"TMP" LLP is one of the dynamically developing and perspective plants in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The company is among the largest Kazakhstan producers of ferrosilicomanganese and electrode mass.
Temirtau Electro-Metallurgy Plant JSC
TEMK JSC, having its own raw material base and production capacities, have created a full production cycle "Raw materials - production - finished product". Products fully meet European standards.
We supply a wide range
of ferroalloys and
raw materials
FeSi 45      Size 10-50, 10-100
FeSi 65      Size10-50, 10-100
FeSi 75      Size 10-50, 10-100
Powder     Size 0-10, 3-10, 2-12
Ferrosilicon Manganese
FeSiMn, Mn 65% min
Only up to 0.1% of phosphorus
Only up to 1% of carbon
Complex deoxidizers of grade KKF-240 и KKK
Primary deoxidation of steel at tapping
Diffusion deoxidation at ladle treatment
Desulfurization of steel
Electrode mass
Used to produce electrodes for electrothermal furnaces in steel, non-ferrous metal and chemical industries.
Mn ore
Mn powder
Mn < 38%
main raw material for the production of ferroalloys
Size 10-100, 0-10 mm
Mn min 36%
Mn min 32
Mn min 16%
Mn min 24%
Barite powder
Silica fume
An irreplaceable component of concrete.
It is an ultrafine powder collected as a by-product of the silicon and ferrosilicon alloy production and consists of spherical particles
Well planned warehousing network
warehousing facilities
located across Russia

2 000
freighted annually
1 000
freighted annually
Own production, patents
and ongoing research processes
ensure compliance with modern standards and will improve overall quality of your products
Production of deoxidizers
Manufacturing facility of cutting tools
R&D center
Own production
of deoxidizers

Manufacturer of deoxidizers used for primary deoxidation of steel at tapping from steelmaking unit.
The volume of production is up to 10 thousand tons per year.

Own manufacturing facility of cutting tools
"Microbor Composite" is a manufacturer of monolithic and solder tools from cubic boron nitride (CBN) and polycrystalline diamond (PKA) for turning and milling.

Unique products that have no analogues in the CIS countries are made according to ISO 9001 standards.

Own RND center
The ongoing accelerator «Steel start» supports new projects in metallurgy industry with the help of Skolkovo Regional operator .

Our clients — the industrial leaders in Russia, Europe, Asia and the CIS countries
Our clients — the industrial leaders in Russia, Europe, Asia and the CIS countries
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Please feel free to contact us directly or via our contact form.
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